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Risks of a Mobile Workforce



Risks of a Mobile Workforce

The way that we work today is changing and so are the risks of a mobile workforce. No more is it set in stone that everyone shows up to work at the office at 9am, and then leaves at 5pm on the dot. People have complicated lives which means a flexible working attitude is necessary for most companies in order to succeed. Remote working is possible thanks to network connectivity, meaning that people can work from the comfort of their own homes. Meetings no longer mean hours of travel in order for everyone to be in the same physical space, thanks to Skype and other video messaging apps.

Indeed, mobile working is now so popular it’s estimated that by 2022 around half of the global workforce will be working via a mobile platform. The question is, are companies and the global economy ready for such a shift? What are the risks inherent in such a radical change in the way we work?

How can you be certain that your remote workers are actually … working?

One risk is management faith and employee accountability. If your employees are physically within your building then making sure they’re working for your benefit is a simple process. What if your employees are working remotely? How can you be sure that a remote worker is actually being productive, and is not simply watching Netflix instead?

Here at Payroll Medics we have the ideal solution to any issues your company may face when it comes to the management of your mobile workforce, thanks to our TimeMD application. As one of the main issues with mobile working is keeping track of your employee’s location and attendance, we provide the solution.

With TimeMD you can send out automated text messages to your employees via their workstation or mobile device. Your employee then needs to respond to the message within a certain timeframe. Via GPS positioning data, TimeMD can track what your employee is doing, and if they are where they are supposed to be.

Hold your employees accountable for their time and help them increase their productivity.

TimeMD allows you to secure employee accountability in a non-intrusive way, promoting productivity. It is also a vast timesaver as once set up, you can leave TimeMD to do its thing, eliminating the manpower required to ‘check up’ on employees manually. TimeMD also allows employees to manage their time effectively, promoting productivity within a mobile and remote working environment.

To learn more about TimeMD, or about any of the other services that we offer here at Payroll Medics, please contact us at (864) 640-8981. You can also contact us using the online contact form available on our website.

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