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Time And Attendance

Keep Time and Save Money

Our solutions provide real-time tracking from any location at any time, accurate attendance recording for ease of compliance with labor regulations and generating reports, and straight forward data management tools. With TimeMD from Payroll Medics, your employees can track time directly from their workstation or mobile device. Simply access our WebClock from any web browser. If workstations aren’t available, you can utilize wall clocks, mobile devices or text messaging. As long as you have access to the internet, you have a way to track time with TimeMD.

More Options For A Growing Mobile Workforce

Employees are now more mobile than ever and your company needs a solution to track their time and their attendance. With TimeMD from Payroll Medics, our system sends out a text message alert to your employees mobile device the moment your employee should record a punch. In that text message is a special link your employee clicks. The link gives us all the information we need to know who they are as well as their GPS position.

With that, we can verify who the employee is where they’re supposed to be. If your employee is where they’re supposed to be, we record their punch. If they aren’t we let them know they need to get to the right place before their time can be recorded. No more early arrivals, late departures or buddy punching.

One of your company’s biggest expenses, labor costs, could be reduced by eliminating payroll preparation. Here are a few of the benefits you will enjoy with TimeMD from Payroll Medics:
  • Cuts cost by reducing the man-power and administrative work required of manual data collection and calculation
  • Increases productivity by calculating down to the minute
  • Promotes employee accountability
  • Provides simple online editing from any designated work station
  • Enables employees to track personal time related records

Using paper is a thing of the past. TimeMD from Payroll Medics enables you to more effectively collect, manage and process employee time & attendance data for your entire workforce, even if you have mobile/remote employees and multiple branch locations. You decide which data collection works best for you – online, time clock or with the mobile app.


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