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At Payroll Medics, we provide the technology to make things simple, while offering unparalleled client focused service when you need it.

At Payroll Medics, our team can work with your benefits broker or recommend a professional advisor in our network. You work hard to build a benefits package that reflects how much you care for your team. At Payroll Medics we believe employee benefits work better when your plan integrates with payroll so you can manage them together.

We ensure you are 100% compliant. From HIPAA to ERISA our powerful and easy to use payroll platform is designed to keep your company compliant. We like to say this is where great service meets great software.

Integrating payroll and HR technology can help maximize your HR staff’s productivity and value by allowing them to focus on high-value activities rather than administrative tasks. Instead of spending time on heavy paperwork and collecting and inputting employee data, HR staff only need to enter information once.

Streamlining data entry can increase the accuracy of your payroll and HR information across platforms because fewer people are entering information — preventing costly errors and saving the time and money it would take to correct them. An integrated payroll + benefit solution can also help improve data security; payroll and HR benefits systems contain highly sensitive company and employee data, from salary information to social security numbers. By integrating these systems into a highly secure HR platform, you can reduce the chance of data breaches.


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Payroll Deductions After A Life
Event or Changes

Employees, and even new hires, who experience life changes have a lot on their mind. When employees areeligible for benefits and complete their enrollment, theymove on. Unfortunately, a busy HR staff doesn’t always get this data right away. When employee benefits are integrated with payroll, updates are taken care of easily and accurately. This is a clear win for busy, time-starved HR staff and a good way for employees to feel valued and taken care of.

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Benefits to Employees after Leave
or Temporary Layoff

When an employee returns to work after a temporary layoff or leave, reinstating their benefits after a specific period (90 days) is important. Our integrated payroll and benefits system, makes it easy to get this done.We provide compliant based tracking, reminders for busy HR staff and an error free tool to keep the employee happy.

Without integrated payroll + benefits, your company and your broker need to find a way to remember that this employee is benefits-eligible. We eliminate the potential costly mistakes and help you save more time.

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Employee Information in Real Time

Busy HR staff – especially in small and mid-sized businesses – can be overwhelmed with inquiries regarding payroll deductions and other benefit information like retirement. Payroll Medicsprovides employees a self-serve portal to securely access information anytime from any internet enabled device. Busy HR staff benefits from technology and helps them to focus more on high priority tasks and activities.

With integration + benefits busy HR staff can reap the benefits automation for the entirety of the employee lifecycle. Our cloud-based employee friendly payroll driven software offers a time saving, compliant based and error free approach that makes a lot of sense both for employee and employers.

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