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HR support when you need it - where you need it

You have HR questions, we have your answers. Access a complete knowledge base of HR resources including forms, templates, quick guides and compliant focused alerts. Do more with
your powerful and easy to use HR Support Center.

Your HR solution begins with the HR Support Center -Your single online source for critical HR materials, including customizable documents for hiring, managing and paying employees. Personalized alerts on legal and regulatory changes that could impact your business are also included.

Whether you are a seasoned HR professional with years of experience or the owner of a small company without an HR department, sometimes you have tough to navigate HR, legal or compliance related questions. Payroll Medics is pleased to provide you with an online HR support center where you can ask those questions and get the answers you need. 
The HR Support Center provides access to exclusive, industry-leading HR tools and resources from employee handbooks, job descriptions and other commonly used HR documents, to up-to-the-minute law alerts, easy-to-understand state and federal law libraries, and much more. The HR Support Center will help you effectively manage your HR compliance and employee relations needs.

The HR Support Center is your one-stop resource for HR Answers when you need them.

Experience HR in a new way
The HR Support Center offers a comprehensive suite of online tools and resources to help manage your HR compliance and employee relationship issues. PLUS you can gain access to HR On Demand and get unlimited access to our team of certified HR Pros who will answer your questions and create custom handbooks, forms and job descriptions for you.
The HR Support Center
Our cloud-based solution is available 24/7, and the exclusive content is created in-house by our team of certified HR Pros. A few features that are included:‚Äč
  • Extensive, easy-to-understand federal and state law libraries.
  • Quick Guides and checklists on common HR topics, like Health Care Reform and Termination. 
  • 3-minute HR Audit to help quickly identify HR compliance gaps.
  • A wide range of job descriptions
  • Weekly HR Snapshot emails featuring a Q&A on trending HR topics
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The HR On Demand Difference

A few unique ways HR On Demand can help streamline your HR:

  • HR Concierge Live Chat Assistance
  • Unlimited HR Consulting
  • Custom Job Descriptions and HR Documents
  • Free Quarterly Harassment Prevention Training
  • HR Trainings
Experience HR Pro Mobile.
HRPro Mobile is designed to help you navigate your HR compliance and employee management issues. HRPro Mobile puts our team of HR Professionals at your  fingertips – and helps keep you out in front of your HR issues – anytime, anywhere. And it’s free! The app gives you instant access to HR tools and features, whenever and wherever you need them.


Packed With Features to Make HR Easier:

  • Submit questions directly to our HR Pros from your mobile device, and view the responses on the go.
  • With HRCasts you can listen to podcasts developed by our HR pros, designed to offer tips, information and best practices to help you better manage your business and employees.
  • Quick Guides and Checklists offers you an at-a-glance view of the most common HR issues, including Hiring, Performance Management, Employee Relations, and more.
  • Instant eAlerts keeps you on top of legal changes that may affect your workplace.

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