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Payroll Medics Launches Employer Resource Center – Where Questions Become Answers



Payroll Medics Launches Employer Resource Center – Where Questions Become Answers

There are many sources of work-related stress even in the best of times, but 2020 has been quite the challenging year.

First, the COVID-19 pandemic started impacting most organizations in March of this year, and eventually impacted nearly all organizations, regardless of industry, size or location. Many businesses executed remote work models earlier this year, and many are still navigating the pandemic; implementing and/or creating return-to-work strategies or even developing semi-permanent / permanent work-from-home plans.

And while many organizations have adapted, and while some thrived, they all still need guidance. This why Payroll Medics has expanded its HR solution with the Payroll Medics Employer Resource Center, a custom-tailored employer solution with a focus on HR and employment law.

Now, clients of Payroll Medics can access an HR-centric solution and leverage the advice, tools and resources to help with their organizations’ day-to-day and complex HR situations.

Each client will have instant and unlimited access to award winning employment law advice and content, such as articles, guides, forms, HR resources, tools, online training, and more. This custom suite of services has been selected to help them save both time and money.

Check out our video to learn about our compliant focused Employer Resource Center

Payroll Medics Employer Resource Center – Where Questions Become Answers

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