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6 Signs You May Want To Celebrate National Workaholics Day



6 Signs You May Want To Celebrate National Workaholics Day

Each year on July 5, it is National Workaholics Day.  Do you often come in early, skip your lunch and stay late or know someone who does?  This day is dedicated to them, the workaholics, the ones that love to work extra and long hours and do it all the time.

A workaholic is typically defined as a person whom feels the need to be busy, which may cause the problem of them performing tasks that are not required or are unnecessary for project completion.  A good and strong work ethic is very important to one’s career success however, a healthy balance between work and home is the key to life’s success.

Is this “holiday “it celebrated? Not really. It’s more of a sober reminder that work-aholism, like any addiction, can jeopardize health, home lives and—eventually—productivity and a company’s bottom line.

Except that work-aholism, unlike other addictions, is not only socially acceptable, it’s often admired, emulated and rewarded by higher pay and promotions. All of which sends a mixed message to employees who persistently hear from HR departments about the importance of “work-/life balance” and unplugging from work on the weekends.

Here are 6 signs that may help determine if you are a hard worker or work-aholic:

  • Do you take work with you to bed, on weekends or on vacation?
  • Is work the activity you do best and talk about the most?
  • Do you think it’s OK to work long hours if you love what you do?
  • Do you get impatient with people who have priorities outside of work?
  • Do you do things energetically and competitively, including play?
  • Have long hours hurt your relationships?

It’s important for HR and line managers to notice the difference between someone who works hard or long hours, and a workaholic.

The Workaholics Anonymous website has a 20-question self-assessment that includes more of these questions.

For all the workaholics of the world, today is the day to step back and take it easy. If you fall into this category, take an afternoon nap, read a book, or spend a few hours watching videos on YouTube. You’ll have plenty of time to finish your work tomorrow!

For everyone else, today is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the workaholics in your life and to recognize all they have accomplished. To celebrate Workaholics Day, arrive at the office a little earlier than usual and tackle a project that you’ve been avoiding.

Happy Workaholics Day!

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